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Hints & Tips

Use of Photographs and Images

Unless a photograph or image has been taken or created specifically by internal resources (by a TOTAL employee), it’s use is subject to specific legal guidelines and terms depending on the type of subject matter within the photograph and where the photograph is to be used (printing, advertising etc).

Generally, there are 2 types of licensing definitions when dealing with photographs that are purchased.

These are:

  1. Rights managed
  2. Royalty free

Rights managed:

The buyer pays a licence fee each time they use the image.
The buyer obtains exclusive use of an image under the terms of the licence.

Royalty free:

Means the you only need to purchase the photograph/image once, but you can use it as many times as possible, without the consent from the person/company that created the original image.

You are though, forbidden to re-sell the image to another party/company, but can distribute it within the same organisation for use by other employees. The same image can be bought by other companies/people for their use too. RF images are non-exclusive.

The use of specific subject matter within photographs

Children and minors:
Because of the strict safety and protection guidelines regarding the use of imagery of children, it is advised to get written permission from the parent/guardian of the child before any photographs are taken or used within any form of media.

The owner, leasing company or landlord of the property must be notified and permission given if their building is to be photographed.

You will need to get a ‘model release form’ signed by the model(s) in the photograph before taking or using any photography with that model(s) in it.

Copyright and ownership of video, animation, photography, drawings and cartoons:
Always check the copyright of any creative media that you wish to use. Permission for use of any creative content that has been either drawn or designed needs to be checked with the content creator or company beforehand. If this is not done legal proceedings could be actioned against TOTAL for breach of copyright or unauthorised use of copyrighted material.

Images on the intranet/internet:
Any imagery taken off the internet or intranet needs to be checked for copyright ownership before use. All because an image is on a website does not mean that it is free to download and use however you want. Check with the website creators or company who mains the site that you are allowed to use the image. There is normally a ‘contact us’ link on all websites – use this link. Generally the resolution of ‘web-based’ images are low resolution and poor quality, and therefore this type of imagery is not ideally suited to be used in printed material, which requires high resolution content.

Document Layouts

Click the image below for a full size printable diagram.

Document Layouts

Paper quantities required for poster campaigns

Click here to download the paper quantities diagram in PDF format .