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Creating highly targeted email marketing campaigns that reach the right audience, extend your brand, and drive customers to your website.

Our design team has a proven track record in creating high impact email marketing materials that will instantly grab the attention of the recipient. We can also help to build your mailing list and our highly sophisticated tracking system helps track the success or actions from every email campaign

Email marketing benefits

  • Cost effective - email marketing offers substantial savings compared to traditional print methods
  • Targeted - segment your email list, personalise your email and build conditional emails
  • Trackable - monitor deliverability, opens, clicks and even set actions based on recipient clicks within the email. Use this data to improve campaign effectiveness in future email sends
  • Immediate delivery - turn round marketing campaigns quickly, schedule send times and be confident in a rapid delivery
  • Drive website traffic - deep link directly to a relevant website page with more information, and get your target audience engaging with your site

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